Born in Barcelona, 1988

I studied at ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya), where I graduated with a BA in Film and Audiovisual Media, specializing in Art Direction.

My first cinematographic project came during my last semester at ESCAC. It was a musical set in the 1950s, and my work involved creating several sketches for the main set, which means I started off with a big challenge that gave me an amazing perspective of Art Direction & Set Decoration.

Afterwards, I was involved in four consecutive period pieces, where I was part of a team of amazing professionals and was able to learn a lot about period furniture and decoration.

Working on these projects, I discovered a true passion for Decorative Arts, its history and meaning. What hides behind every set, every colour, every prop, and what these elements narrate to the spectator.

In 2013 and 2014, I took a course on “The History of Furniture” at The Association for Furniture Studies in Barcelona.

Since then, I have been working in either the Art Direction or the Set Decoration departments, areas in which I feel at home and highly motivated.

I am excited at the prospect of continuing my journey into this fascinating world, expanding my knowledge and experience, and enjoying every step of the way.